letterboxed (letterboxed) wrote,

[Blood and Chocolate]

Last night I went to Blood and Chocolate because it was free, because it was about werewolves, and because the cast included Bryan Dick (Joseph Nagle in Master & Commander).

And lo, was he pretty. All wavy hair & pale skin & long coats & white shirts with big cuffs & stalking about all, well, wolfishly.

The movie itself was pretty forgettable, I thought, with some things that might have worked well on paper but were kind of silly on film, and a patriarchal society that was challenged not so much on the basis of being patriarchal, but because Our Heroine had found herself a boy she liked better than the one she was promised to. The werewolf mythology they used was interesting, though, but I don't have much of a monster background as it were, so I don't know how it compares.
Tags: director:von garnier katja, film 2007
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