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[In theaters, part the third]

Me being me, I spent my day off yesterday at the movies. I started with my second most anticipated film of the year, Children of Men, which was well worth the wait. I think everyone knows -- it's set in the near future, where all women are infertile, and it is just brilliant. I should probably read the book now, but the film was so well done and so real that I want to hang on to that for a while longer. It was very much a world I can see our world becoming, a future arrived at organically. Beautifully shot, with amazing visual detail and great use of the handheld typical of Cuarón, and one of those great scripts that -seems- effortless in how natural it is, but is actually carefully put together.

(Also, can I just say, Clive Owen is painfully attractive. Not news -- we've all known it since Croupier at the very least -- but still worth mentioning.)

Then, against my better judgment, I saw The Good German. Since I have gone, I can spare you all the experience. I know, I know, you'll think, "It has people I like! And it's shot in black and white -- that should be cool!" But you should not think these things. You should think about how, when he was asked on "The Daily Show", George Clooney couldn't come up with a reason why they had made the movie aside from the fact that they could. That's a red flag right there, folks.

At least I didn't pay for it.

(Oh my GOD. It was LUCA. From the BABY-SITTERS CLUB. No wonder he looked familiar. Aiiee.)
Tags: director:cuarón alfonso, director:soderbergh steven, film 2006
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