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[In theaters, part the second]

A week ago I had no stand-up-and-cheer favorite film of the year. Now, all that has changed, for mine eyes have seen The History Boys. Seriously, you guys. It is better than Dead Poets Society. For those of you who don't like DPS, it's DPS with working class boys and minus the over-the-top angst. For those of you who like DPS, it's DPS, but English, canon gay, and better writing. For the three people on the planet who don't know, it's the film of the play starring the original cast. And for all of you, it is FANTASTIC. I might be a little obsessed. Fair warning. It was all I could do when it was over to not turn right around and go see it again.

(That said, I still think there is something oddly unfinished about Stephen Campbell Moore. Perhaps it's that he has no lips. I still like him! And he is excellent in this role. Everyone is excellent!)
Tags: director:hytner nicholas, film 2006
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