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[Memorial Day Weekend Round-up]

* "Black Books", series 1. I've seen the first season through many times and I still DIE OF THE LAUGHING. So, so good. Series two and three can come out on region one dvd any day now, really, I will be pleased with that.

* Saved!, which I hadn't seen since it was in the theatre. Still great. (When I first saw it, I had expected it to be uneven, because it has a tone that's difficult to maintain, but I was pleasantly surprised.)

* Desk Set. Katharine Hepburn as a librarian! How could I have not seen it before? Rather a hurry-up ending, but great fun nonetheless.

* Latter Days is another mediocre gay movie, but I was mostly seeing it for Amber Benson, who wears a tie and swears a lot, and for that it was worth it.

* Trembling Before G-d. I had been looking forward to seeing this documentary on gay Orthodox Jews for some time, and it was good, but I felt there was something missing. I see that there's another disc of features, so I'll have to add that to my Netflix queue.

* MASH was fantastic, obviously. I'd kill to see it on the big screen; there's so much going on in every frame, and it'd be awesome to have better sound than my wee tv for all the overlapping dialogue. I spent a lot of time last night on the special features, and the behind-the-scenes and development stories were fascinating.
Tags: director:altman robert, director:cox c jay, director:dannelly brian, director:dubowski sandi simcha, director:lang walter, film 1957, film 1970, film 2001, film 2003, film 2004, tv on dvd
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